Personal development is just that, personal. Every person has different needs, ambitions and goals.

Australia has long been regarded as one of the hardest working countries in the world. I have seen so much dedication and tireless work ethic from many individuals over the years, that I accepted it as the norm.

Things change. People change. Interpret that how you will.

Should we be concerned that ‘Personal Development’ seems to have become just a catch-cry for a lot of companies? The investment of time, money and resources often outweighs the perceived benefits that follow-on from individual training.

People are a company’s greatest asset; the company will only be as good as its people.

Companies want to be seen to be ‘doing the right thing’ by their employees, yet too often, for various reasons, there is no follow-through, actions or investment in developing people. What a missed opportunity!

I have always felt it important to nurture, reward and grow talent – after all, it is people who will ultimately grow and develop a business.

As an ambitious individual, work experience plays a key role in continual self-development. You see things, hear things and learn as you go. It can be daunting, especially if you’re not supported with proper training. I see so much talent that is under-developed, underutilised or pigeon-holed into a role, with no prospective of further growth. Why? Sometimes the business, sometimes the individual.

Fear of change can cripple talent. Seek a promotion, a new career path or recognition. Apply succession planning, identify talent and nurture your people.

I once saw specific, unique talent in a Service Manager whose skill-set was well-advanced of the job role they were in, and so I intervened. I helped this person to take a totally new direction in their career. That individual is now the Asia Pacific HR Manager for one of the world’s largest equipment companies. We can help you too.

Remember, you can be, and achieve, what you desire, you just need the right support, training and drive to make it happen.

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