Over the 20+ years I’ve worked in some of Australia’s largest blue-chip companies, I very quickly realized that building and working to a strategic plan, is a key, critical element to ensuring business success. This applies to any business, large or small.

So why is it, so many companies still don’t have a strategic plan? Is it that having a budget and targets is sufficient? Oh dear!

The idea of a strategic plan allows you to set a road map on the direction you want to take your business, from where it is today. If the plan is built properly, it will identify your competitive advantage. 

It’s important to ensure that your plan is achievable, and that you consider all the key variables such as your stakeholders, your market place, economic circumstances and whether you have the ‘bandwidth’ to make it happen.

Building your business’ vision will not only guide its direction, but also provides your stakeholders (a large portion of this being your staff), with a much clearer understanding of where you want to be, how you’re going to get there, the deliverables and expectation setting. Stakeholders need to be on board too, else it will fail!

At Complete360 we specialise in helping companies build a sustainable strategy for the future. Through facilitation of planning meetings, to designing and producing the strategic document, we will partner with you through the most important project for the future of your business.

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